1. WHAT HAPPENED TO Becton funds management?

Becton sold its entire Funds Management business, Becton Investment Management Limited to 360 Capital in December 2010.


2. What does this mean for my investment?

Key benefits for investors:

  • 360 Capital has a highly experienced and specialised management team.
  • Enhanced prospects of attracting new capital to stabilise the Funds through 360 Capital being a debt-free specialist property funds manager.
  • A new manager who is independent of Becton and its legacy issues.
  • An ongoing alignment of interest between manager and investors through 360 Capital’s co-investment in the funds.

3. Does this mean I will be able to redeem my investment?

No. 360 Capital has taken over management of the Funds but is not offering liquidity to Investors directly as part of that transaction.


4. Who was this purchaser?

The purchaser is 360 Capital, a specialist property funds manager.


5. Whom do I contact regarding my investment now that 360 capital has taken over?

Investors can continue to contact 360 Capital Investor Relations on 1800 182 257.


6. What has 360 capital been doing since acquiring the business?

Please see our Funds & Trusts section.