1. How can I be added to 360 capital's mailing list?

Please complete the Enquiries Form in the Contact Details section of this website if you'd like to receive information from time to time. Please click on the email alert icon at the top of this page to register your email to receive ongoing communication in electronic form. 


2. As a 360 capital unitholder, what communications will I receive?

360 Capital provides Unitholders with clear and concise information to help monitor their investments. Unitholders receive:

  • Transaction confirmation – for initial investments, subsequent investments, and transfers
  • Distribution statements
  • Summary Annual and Half Yearly financial information posted on the website
  • Access to the most recent Financial Statements online via InvesterServe. Investors can access the reports by copying the following link into their internet browser: www.investorserve.com.au You will need your investorserve PIN in order to access the accounts. Investors who have not previously accessed the service and have lost their PIN will be issued a new PIN as part of the login process. Please contact 1800 182 257 to request a new PIN.
  • Annual tax statement as at 30 June
  • Annual and Half Yearly Reports
3. Whom can I contact if I have a complaint?

360 Capital has a complaints handling policy and is a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service Limited (FOS).

If you have a complaint, you may contact the Complaints Officer by phoning 1800 182 257.


360 Capital will endeavour to acknowledge receipt in writing within two business days of receiving a complaint and will try to resolve all issues within a maximum of 45 days of receipt, but in a shorter period if possible. If it is impossible to substantially respond to the complaint within 45 calendar days, the complainant will, before the end of that period, be:

  • informed of the reasons for the delay;
  • advised of their right to complain to the Financial Ombudsman; and
  • provided with the contact details of the Financial Ombudsman Service.

If you're not satisfied with the way we handle your complaint, you may contact FOS directly by phone on 1300 780 808 or in writing to FOS, GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001. More information is available on the FOS website at www.fos.org.au.


4. How secure are the personal details I provide you?

360 Capital respects the privacy of your personal information. The only information needed to maintain your account and to process your enquiries effectively is requested and kept on file. More details on 360 Capital’s treatment of personal information are set out in our Privacy Policy.