360 Capital Total Return Fund

Distribution Summary - year end taxation components 

Distributions for the year have been paid by 360 Capital Total Return Passive Fund, no distributions were paid from 360 Capital Total Return Active Fund.

Investors should refer to their annual tax statements for details of their distribution taxation components.

The taxation components of the distributions on a cents per security basis for the year are provided below:
















1 In line with the TOT product disclosure statement, the fund paid a June 2015 quarterly distribution of 2.81cps, however a full year of property income combined with investment income realised during the period resulted in an excess of taxable income over the cash distribution. The Fund has subsequently, in September 2015, elected to make a special distribution of 1.2cps to distribute additional cash to Securityholders, this special distribution does not impact Securityholders FY15 tax position.